UKIP Right wing’ – Why?

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1) UKIP is committed to democracy in its purest form.

2) UKIP is only patriotic – never nationalistic.

3) UKIP possesses no imperialistic agenda.

4) UKIP is not centralist.

5) UKIP believes strongly in fair social welfare.

6) UKIP is not anti-trade unions.

7) UKIP supports responsible, individual freedoms.

8) UKIP immigration policy is based on fairness to all and is never opposed to legal immigrants already here or genuine refugees.

9) UKIP opposes the tyranny of the tax-guzzling EU.

10) UKIP believes that government should exist to represent the electorate – not to tell the electorate what it ought to want.

This, of course, makes UKIP populist, an extremely unpopular concept with the current, liberal, political elite. So even if UKIP has none of the classic rightist beliefs, ‘right wing’ is merely a useful, albeit rather lame, insult.

Les Arnott

Athelstan Road, S13