Two-way process

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the parking scheme that is due to come into force on my street this year is totally unfair on residents.

The whole introduction has been a very badly managed process.

The scheme will not benefit residents, but simply penalise them for owning a car. Residents know the cycle of parking on the street and work around it.

However now we will be forced to pay for the right to park on the street and if we are unable to find a spot we will then have to pay again to park in adjacent streets until we can take up a place on our road. Also we will have to pay further to allow our family and friends to visit us.

I find this whole thing totally unacceptable.

I spoke to Cate Jockel who is allegedly in charge of this process. She claimed we have had consultation throughout the process, but as I pointed out consultation is a two-way process. I have voiced my concerns since day one. No one has seen fit to answer this. That is not consulting people. It is dictating to them.

At a time when everyone is feeling the effects of recession, we motorists are singled out again. This scheme is nothing more than exploitation. Motorists have been picked out because we are an easy target. The majority of motorists are law-abiding.

We are, however, as a result easy to trace due to our documentation and milked at every opportunity. We pay road tax, of which less than a quarter is spent on road, fuel tax which goes to boost government funds and now we are being forced to pay again. Do we have to decide to discard our number plates, refuse to pay road tax, insurance and for road schemes before anyone will accept that we should have a voice too?

This scheme is poorly thought out, not needed and cruelly timed.

It should not be allowed.

R Mayson, Brier St, Hillsboro’