Two caught with drug

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TWO men were found in possession of mephedrone - the drug also known as meow meow - when police took a sniffer dog into Dearne Valley pubs.

Operation Brevity, organised by the Dearne Safer Neighbourhood Team, involved police officers and a dog visiting pubs to look for customers dealing or taking drugs.

Two men - a 19-year-old from Hoyland, and a 27-year-old from Wombwell - were both found in possession of the drug.

The 19-year-old has been summonsed to attend court and the 27-year-old was cautioned.

Inspector Alan Simpson said: “Operation Brevity was a great success and it was encouraging to see only two people from the many premises visited were found in possession of drugs.

“Licensees know the risk of allowing their pubs to be used in this way as their license to sell alcohol can be withdrawn, similarly people who take or supply illegal drugs can expect to be arrested and put before a magistrates’ court.”