Twitter traffic on Sheffield’s Kell Brook - and a pal’s video message

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Back online and on the mend, thanks so much for the messages of support during these tough times I’ll be back soon #AndStill - @SpecialKBrook

Glad to hear that all is well with you mate ;-) #boxing #sheffieldissuper

Kell Brook

Kell Brook

It was good to bump into @EddieHearn yesterday and hear how positive @SpecialKBrook is. Keep your head up champ, come back even better - ‏@AnthonyOgogo

What an era for boxing! @Carl_Froch v @jamesdegale1 @NathanClev v @TonyBellew @SpecialKBrook v @AmirKingKhan @scottquigg v @RealCFrampton- @EddieHearn

My thoughts are with @SpecialKBrook and his family. Hope that you recover soon champ! - ‏@riku_heikkila

I saw a picture of him lying in the hospital with his thumbs up so I think it won’t be permanent damage (Thank God for that).

I’m afraid he won’t make his ‘homecoming’, but I expect him to be back next year - boxingnl on