True festive spirit

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Adversity often brings out the best in people.

In times of crisis, communities tend to rally round to help each other.

And it’s often in our disadvantaged communities that this generosity of spirit is most evident; they may not have much but they are always willing to share it with those less fortunate.

Today we look no further than Firth Park to see this attitude in action.

Here, the local tenants and residents’ group is making sure that, this Christmas, no-one goes without in their neighbourhood.

Brushes Tenants and Residents’Association recognises that this year many people will struggle to put a hot meal on the table, let alone a full-blown Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.

So the goodie bags that everyone in their area will receive will contain basic items to make a meal from - pasta, soup, crackers. Nothing fancy, but enough to make sure no-one goes hungry.

They’ve used some left over cash from the 10p a week levy that council tenants pay towards the TARA, saying that the cash should rightly go back towards helping those who have contributed.

So almost 500 people will have a little extra this Christmas, and it could make the difference betweee having a miserable time and having a merry time.

This gesture by the Brushes TARA is another great example of how big-hearted Sheffield folk are.

It really does restore your faith in humanity to read about their efforts when day in day out our news headlines are dominated by stories that really do show people at their worst; the evil of child abuse, the horror of senseless acts of violence,the thoughtlessness of petty criminals,

Thankfully there are more good folk out there, people like the TARA organisers in Firth Park, who want to make Sheffield a better place.

It is the little things, small acts of kindness, that can make all the difference to people who are down on their luck; it may not be much but it can mean a lot, especially at this time of year when excess is all around.