Trouble over housing policy

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JUST like the young couple who were told there’s no chance of them getting a house or larger flat in Hackenthorpe, my son is in a similar position.

There are six people living in a two-bed house (including two boys and two girls). They have been told the exact same thing.

I would like the council to explain why only Hackenthorpe is allocated for people whose property is being demolished, when all the surrounding areas are not, e.g Frechville, Birley, Woodhouse, Stradbroke, Woodthorpe. Also a couple who are living in a three-bed house due for demolition have to be rehoused in a three-bed house. Surely this a time to down-size them and free up a three-bed house

Also can someone in the New Labour council tell me how many dwellings have been demolished on the Newstead, Weakland and Scowerdons estates and how many homes have been rebuilt?

David Mitchell