Trick or tweet to keep peace

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IT is one of the busiest times of the year for South Yorkshire Police as they see a spike in the number of reports of anti-social behaviour.

The force will be drawing attention to the scale of the problem by providing a live feed of all calls they receive on their social media Twitter site.

Is it a gimmick? Critics will say if they spent more time patrolling and less resource on things like social media, there would be less trouble.

But no, it is not a gimmick. Just over a year ago, one of the main tools used by the police here in South Yorkshire to nip any trouble in the bud as other major cities across the UK were rioting, was social media.

They used it to let people know they were aware of gatherings of people, to deter youngsters from getting caught up in the momentum of the moment, and to calm neighbourhoods.

So we can see the opportunity to repeat the exercise over the next few days as police are tied up with Hallowe’en, Mischief Night and fireworks.

We don’t want to kill the fun, but equally, youngsters need to respect other people who may not want to share in their pranks.

What an inspiring wonder woman

SHE’S a wonder woman, the type who cannot fail to inspire.

Kate Campbell is an expectant mum’s best friend, so it’s no wonder she has been shortlisted for a national award.

The midwife gives up her spare time to run antenatal and postnatal classes for mums-to-be to show how they can exercise safely and gently in pregnancy.

She also runs a boot camp for mums with babies. Her work has caught the attention of judges in the Tommy’s and Danone Baby Nutrition Hero award, who shortlisted Kate.

She fully deserves this honour and is a great example of the energy and commitment so typical of her profession.

Charity takes lead

PET lovers apart, many of us are all too ready to give a dog a bad name.

True, they can be messy and noisy but they haven’t earned the description of man’s best friend for nothing.

The unsung heroes of the Sheffield-based Support Dogs charity patiently school a variety of breeds to perform the most amazing duties. The dogs sense when epileptics and seizure sufferers are at risk of having a fit and help them to a place of safety and perform household tasks for people with limited mobility. By supporting this charity, we can improve the quality of life for many people.