Tree trouble

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In some circumstances trees come before people.

Pensioner Vera Beever is complaining that a ‘massive’ tree is ruining her life.

She claims the sycamore outside her house on Mason Lathe Road, Shiregreen, is disrupting her television picture, despite her paying £255 six years ago for a new aerial because of tree interference then.

Vera says she cannot afford to pay out again.

She said: “The television is one of my few entertainments. I only go out some days because I suffer from ill health.”


An Amey spokesman said: “We’re sorry to hear about the problems Mrs Beever is experiencing with her television signal, however we have not and do not prune trees which are blocking light or obstructing television or satellite reception.

“We never remove healthy trees and the sycamore tree outside Mrs Beever’s home was surveyed by our experts in August this year and is in good health.”