‘Tree destruction is unjustified and pavements a worse mess’

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I would like to respond briefly to Cou Jack Scott’s reply (July 29) to my letter regarding the felling of trees across Sheffield in the Streets Ahead project being carried out by Amey on behalf of Sheffield City Council.

I cannot accept his assurance that every tree that has been felled has been for a justifiable reason such as being dead, dying, diseased or dangerous etc and I also refute his claim that pavements are being brought up to standard.

In the area in which I live some of our pavements were re-surfaced a few weeks ago and are far worse than they were before. In many instances weeds are already breaking through the new surfaces and the pavements are rough and uneven with chunky stones and sharp pieces of grit protruding. We expected a nice smooth surface when the work was carried out but the pavements are now very uncomfortable to walk on and also present a safety hazard, as if anyone (child or adult) fell down they could sustain a nasty injury from the stones and rough grit.

Coun Scott says “we need to ensure the highway is safe for all” and that pedestrians and those with disabilities “can use pavements without fear of tripping”.

Perhaps he could tell me how they are an improvement as I do not consider the new surface on the pavements to be safer or of an acceptable standard. If the same shoddy work has been carried out in areas where trees have been felled then I am sure that residents will have found no consolation in losing their trees only to find that their pavements are worse than before.

Gone are the days it seems when we had good standards of workmanship and saw roads and pavements laid with proper tarmacadam surfaces that withstood many years of wear and tear and hard winters.

Susan Richardson