Train station worst in country for metal thefts

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A SOUTH Yorkshire train station has been hit by more metal thefts than any other over the last three years - with 107 incidents reported.

Rotherham Central railway station had around £100,000 worth of metal stolen by thieves between April 2008 and October last year, according to British Transport Police.

The next worst-hit station in the country was Doncaster, which had 24 fewer incidents but lost metal worth £200,000 - including half-a-mile of track worth £88,000 stolen in December 2010.

Metal worth a total of £13 million was stolen from the country’s railways over the same period.

There were over 6,000 incidents reported to British Transport Police.

BTP deputy chief constable Paul Crowther, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers’ metal theft working group, said: “Our biggest challenge is that criminals can turn up at scrapyards with copper cables and walk away with thousands of pounds in cash, with scrapyards either turning a blind eye to their criminality or taking metal with no questions asked.”

Mr Crowther said BTP wants to see scrapyards stripped of the right to deal in cash, and is seeking restrictions on dealers who repeatedly buy stolen metal.