Trackworks drop-in session a waste of time

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We received a letter advising that Surpertram track works were to start at the end of March in the Hillsborough area.

We were also told that the contractor would post information nearer the time, and that they were holding a drop-in session on Thursday, March 20 between 2pm and 5.30pm.

Not very convenient for anyone who lives in the area that is going to be affected if they work or for the local traders.

But, the worst part of this is that the information session was not held in Hillsborough either at the Interchange or in the Precinct, but at The Quaker Meeting House in the City Centre.

I did venture to this session at a cost of £4.00 by tram, only to find a room with eight or 10 people just stood around (a couple had chairs) with pretty board displays and no one until I walked in it seemed as they all looked a bit shocked.

I was handed an A4 piece of paper advising me about the relevant dates, a super bright orange pen and a bar of chocolate.

The information on the sheet could have been included in the letter they had sent, and then they could have had someone at the interchange in Hillsborough a couple of days last week answering any questions that would be raised.

Instead, there is going to be absolute chaos and confusion, and the names of all those involved will be mud again.