Town Hall salaries

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Well done The Star. A nice emotive headline about the remuneration packages of the chief executives of the four South Yorkshire councils designed to stir up the emotions of the local populace who have no understanding of what is involved in running a complex organisation like a local council.

Those four individuals will earn every penny of what they are paid, either in salary or pension provision.

Leaving aside the usual complexities and responsibilities of running such a vast organisation as a local council, these people have also, in the last few years, had to juggle the conflicting issues of providing a full range of services to a population which has come to expect to have everything done for it and massive reductions in resources available to provide those services.

One problem in this country is that we expect to have our services provided but don’t want to have to pay their costs.

So our public servants are now among the lowest paid groups in the country.

The Star would provide a much better service to its readership if it were to balance the picture by running a series of articles showing just what our councils do for us.

John Molloy

Holyrood Road, Doncaster, DN2