Town could feel pressure from asylum seekers

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Rotherham is an ‘asylum dispersal area’ which could experience pressure on services and problems with social cohesion, according to a new report.

The Home Office publication – the first attempt by officials to study the impact of different types of migration in different parts of the country – states that half the population of England and Wales live in areas of relatively high immigration.

It says the impact is likely to be felt most sharply in ‘asylum dispersal areas’ –which include Rotherham, Bolton and Plymouth.

Low-skilled migrant workers are said to present a ‘mixed picture’ – having the potential to bring economic benefits to an area, particularly when the economy was doing well, but also having ‘higher impacts’ on health, housing and social cohesion.

“The negative impacts will also be greater for illegal workers, including those who arrived on a student visa but whose primary intention was to work, as these will often live in poor conditions, sometimes work illegally and therefore not contribute taxes, and poorly integrate with the community in which they live,” the report said.

“The presence of asylum seekers, refugees and low-skilled workers may therefore have more noticeable effects on social cohesion in these areas.”