Towers of strength

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It was Sheffield’s Cinderella office block.

Despite the posh frock – expensive steel cladding and green tinted windows – Saville House on Savile Street near the Wicker Arches never made it to the ball.

Way outside the city centre, it was hard to see who might take this Grade A office space, despite the knock-down rent, huge car park, good road links and new Tesco over the road.

And that’s how it stayed for five long years.

Until now. (See today’s Business Weekly supplement)

A housing association has taken some of the top floor and the champagne corks are popping, amid claims it marks a revival in the city’s property market.

And despite the bubbly-inspired giddiness there might be some truth in that.

In recent months there has been a slew of activity including a new tenant at Wards Exchange on Ecclesall Road, the conversions of Telephone House and Weston Tower to residential, Redvers House up for sale, Crown House sold.

Steel City House is still empty, but the construction of 3 St Pauls is well under way and there are plans for two new blocks on the Digital Campus.

Property is building up.