Toughen up on the litterbugs

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OUR pictures on page three today showing the disgraceful litter left behind at one of the jewels in the crown of our wonderful countryside should shame those responsible.

Chatsworth House attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world, sharing our rich heritage with people who can only marvel at our stately homes.

And when they come, they are confronted by a wasteland of litter, empty bottles and debris by people who couldn’t care less about the condition they leave the grounds in.

You have to fear what impression they go away with.

Thankfully, these litter louts are not the norm, and most people treat the grounds with respect.

But only last week this newspaper published a photograph of Devonshire Green in the city centre, where hundreds of sun worshippers had left a similar state behind them.

It is time the authorities stopped relying on education and start implementing enforcement measures.

How we can help Mountain Rescue

IT’S easy to take the Mountain Rescue service for granted because they deal so brilliantly with everything we throw at them.

But let’s pause for thought, because it is important to remember that this is a voluntary service which is reliant on donations.

So when we read that they were called out three times in less than 48 hours to help people injured while climbing and biking in the Peak District, let’s not take it for granted.

Instead, we should try and help the service. The first way is to be more responsible when out walking by going better prepared, not taking any risks and knowing your limitations.

The other is to donate to the teams when they are out collecting in the streets of South Yorkshire.

You never when you might need them.

Sure about cuts?

HUNDREDS of people will be affected by the changes being made to the city’s SureStart centres.

The problem with the centres is they were set up years ago in the good times with ring-fenced funding.

Now the good times are gone and the funding isn’t there, so cuts are being made. The problem is that people now rely on the centres. Hard decisions are being made and we hope the changes will still deliver a service for those who need it most.