Tories don’t spend their own money, do they?

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First of all I take no lectures from “greed is good” Thatcherites as obviously BT of Chesterfield seems to be by her comments regarding the self-employed being better off under Thatcher.

Being in management during Thatcher’s destructive reign I saw at first hand why employers were better off, they were paying what they could get away with.

Many married men with families were paid less than £2 per hour in the 1980s.

You bet the self employed were better off with “there is no such thing as society” Thatcher.

Of course the self-employed were better off and not only under Thatcher but also Major, Blair, Brown and now ‘Posh’ Dave.

Secondly, she gets her facts wrong again by suggesting I said everybody hated Thatcher.

I read the letter published in The Star on April 25 and I can’t find that particular reference.

She goes on to say she worked from 16 to 68. I worked from 15 to 65 and got a decent pension, simply because I used my own money to buy one, unlike the good lady who complains her state pension is derisory.

You should have spent your own money to buy a decent pension but of course as proven time and time again Tories don’t spend their own money, do they ? Does expenses ring a bell?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley