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Award: Peter and Val Stokes.
Award: Peter and Val Stokes.
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SOMETIMES a little help can have huge benefits.

Last year Val Stokes of Totley contacted Action Desk asking what to do with the all the bottle tops she had collected for charity.

She’d started without knowing how to convert them into money and could only find a recycler on the south coast who would pay for them.

We researched it and put her in touch with Plumb Polymers, of 505 Carlisle Street East, Attercliffe, Sheffield, and since then things have taken off.

Through a network of collectors Val has now collected a staggering two tonnes of plastic tops, raised £150 for Diabetes UK and won an award for best voluntary group 2012 at the Diabetes UK Northern Conference.

Val said: “Thanks for pointing us in the right direction. We haven’t collected a lot moneywise, but it has created a great network of people helping with awareness of Diabetes and also recycling in Sheffield.”