Too many delays on the 51 route

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ACCORDING to the timetable, the No 51 bus to town promises to serve the residents of Crosspool more than adequately by running approximately every 10 minutes. We have a fantastic digital timer in the bus shelter and we have some wonderful new buses now on this route, all to the pride of Sheffield city public transport!

Alas, so very regularly now, the residents of Crosspool are faced with standing in lengthy queues and waiting well over half an hour, even in freezing weather conditions, wondering why it is that four No 51 buses have gone up the hill to Lodge Moor, one after the other, and yet none of them have come down. For some reason when four bus drivers get together at the Lodge Moor bus terminus there seems to be a lengthy delay!

Not just occasionally but regularly over the past year.

We, the residents of Crosspool, are so infuriated by this appalling state of affairs.

Not one of the bus drivers questioned about the delay has offered a sensible answer as to the cause of the problem and many members of the public over the past year have phoned the transport office to complain bitterly, but with no apparent change for the better.

We, the residents of Crosspool, now feel that it is high time Sheffield appointed a transport manager who is more able to establish the bus service promised on the timetables; a person professional enough to be able to reprimand his/her drivers where necessary, or make them redundant, for evading the task they have been appointed to do.

Meanwhile, residents of Crosspool, keep on complaining at the Crosspool Forum, keep on ringing the transport office as often as possible, keep on writing letters to newspapers, questioning the drivers etc or even marching with placards if need be, until we get the service we have been promised.

Don’t give up!

Jean, Crosspool