Too many cabs in city

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I AM writing to confirm my frustration and annoyance at the number of black cabs in the city centre, especially at Sheffield Station, on Angel Street, Castle Street, Fitzalan Square and Haymarket.

There are just too many, especially on Fornham Street, Angel Street, Castle Street and Cross Turner Street, where they are parked on double yellow lines - anywhere other than taxi ranks.

On Fornham Street, you usually see black cabs queuing to the turning circle outside the station and some are very close to the Suffolk Road junction.

Whoever changed Sheaf Square should have made the drop off/pick up point much bigger so queues don’t develop.

On Angel Street, there is no taxi rank, but drivers still park there, causing nuisance to bus drivers. This results in buses starting to queue back to the tram tracks because of illegal parking by cabbies.

The same is to be found on Castle Street, if there happens to be a bus parked at the First bus stop. Where are the officials when this happens? Don’t they have the powers and the right to slap tickets on taxi drivers?

Or do they just ticket other motorists, like myself, and let taxi drivers get away with it?

They should get over to the taxi-parking hotspots I have identified and start putting tickets on windscreens.

There should also be a limit on the number of black cabs entering the drop off/pick up point and cabbies should also be allowed to use nearby bus stops which are much quicker if it’s just to drop off or pick up.

Nadeem Akram, S2