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Ron Clayton
Ron Clayton
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Have you reead the report where Councillor Ben Curran vetoed the proposal by Councillor Vickie Priestley (recently Lord Mayor) for a small budget for presentations to be made to foreign visitors on behalf of the city by the Lord Mayor?.

Coun Curran could not support this because of the ‘draconian’ cuts imposed on the city by central government.

Is this the attitude that the fourth/fifth biggest city(personally, I don’t give a monkey’s how big it is, it’s Sheffield, my home ‘town’) in the thankfully still United Kingdom should adopt?

For a few years a bunch of lads from Pontevedra in Galicia – a gale-lashed and not particularly bustling part of North West Spain-oops they are Galicians – first and foremost – called the ‘Brave Porquos’ – have been visiting the biggest village to stuff us at football, drink us under the table in our real ale pubs, their base being the Fat Cat.

Half of them are Owls, half Blades.

They compete for the Anglo Galician Cup and the blog chiefly written by them is so erudite and so – Galician – that we have trouble understanding it (probably because they are truly European and we have had too much ‘educashun(x3)–another game of football with uncertain results, unlike ours, played by politicians).

When they came when Councillor Sylvia Dunckley was Lord Mayor, our first citizen not only presented the trophy but invited them round to the Lord Mayor’s Parlour and pulled out all the stops – cakes and cuppas.

She was presented with porcelain and a weighty tome from the Mayor of Pontevedra and Sheffield responded with a beautiful book of photographs of the city (possibly from Sheffield Scene) and some tins of sweets.

They have never forgotten that.

In truth the presentations were only the icing on the cake – the cake being the down-to-earthness and hospitality of Sheffield’s First Citizen.

I know, I’ve met a few , so isn’t it time we acted like Sheffield instead of Smallville?

The Galician boys are back in town again on March 23.

Don’t put any bets on us beating them though.