Today’s Star columnist: Ron Clayton

Ron Clayton is a Wadsley-raised Sheffield historian, city tour guide and Friends Of Sheffield Castle stalwart
Ron Clayton is a Wadsley-raised Sheffield historian, city tour guide and Friends Of Sheffield Castle stalwart
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OMG! (that’s enough Moronspeak). So you get a e-mail saying you have another column this month and you think by heck who am I? Trajan? And you really don’t know what to write – something anodyne-sentimental – grumpy or something from the heart-so here goes.

Well that was the week that was – the Union Flag still flies and one piece-nay one cornerstone of Clayton’s vanishing world still stands. And those guys who we commemorated this past weekend – those who met their fate in the skies over Kent and the heaths of Arnhem – well they won’t feel as lost as if we hadn’t kept on sleepwalking to disaster and the world had ended with a whimper and not a bang. Was it the Queen wot done it or is there hope still for us nail biters?

But’s let’s not speak for England lest we disturb the thought police... this time.

Scanty coverage of Heritage Open Days – nearly 100 people around the remains of Sheffield Castle – the lights were out but thanks to the council, Kier and Dave and Richard on security, those of us with torches and cameras shone some light on the subject. In a couple of weeks the mists that frequent the castle site will hopefully clear.

Yours truly also traipsing round Millsands – now turning into one big ashtray with the discarded tab ends – and up to Kelham Island where old and new Sheffield has been successfully merged and students are now starting to bed in like next spring’s bulbs.

So gentle reader you find Clayton in a mood to match the season – am I mellowing as the world gets madder and the lunatics increase their property rights over the asylum? Hhm – I have actually been reading the Daily Maul recently, as well as my subscriptions to Private Eye and – gulp – The Oldie – but like my new year’s resolutions it won’t last. And please, please let’s not see that photograph of some of the Mooney Gang in Retro again – and the next time someone interviews that old pro at Radio Sheffield – Rony Robinson – let’s not make it not sound like a visit to the late Mother Theresa – and let’s have a bit more sparkle in the letters page.

I am going outside now there are some car exhaust fumes to inhale, dogs to fuss and a world to watch.

I may be some time.