Today’s Star columnist: Rachel Habergham

Rachael Habergham
Rachael Habergham
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Around 20 years ago as my eldest daughter nagged me to take part in the local pantomime

I made a decision made by many parents across the city, to support our children as they take part in their latest fad.

Little did I know what I was joining, I had heard of the panto, I had seen photos, I had been to school with people who had been involved but I knew very little of the detail.

Time has moved on and on January 9, 2015 Wales Methodist Panto Players took to the stage in their opening night in what is their 70th year.

I am honoured to still be involved, as with many once you start you get the bug and you become more involved.

I will never be seen on stage but thoroughly enjoy the many hours spent behind the scenes supporting my younger children and ensuring that local children can continue to be involved, even though tightening of legislation over the years makes it challenging at times.

I now have three children who are all involved and have become part of the natural progression.

There are generations of families involved who have seen the progress as performances have become more elaborate.

In 1944 when Roy Staniforth MBE wrote his first script how could he have imagined that today his scripts would still be used, the location would be a city centre theatre and there would be fireworks on stage.

He is still involved behind the scenes although he handed the bra of the Dame over to our current producer Nick Challenger several years ago.

Next time your son or daughter asks to get involved in something you know little about give it a go. You never know you could become part of a great community of people that provide a new experience for all of you and will bring life-long friendship.

If you fancy seeing the results of an amazing team effort there are still some tickets left this week for a great night of family fun at The Montgomery Theatre, Surrey Street, Sheffield by phoning the box office on 0114 3030376.