Today’s Star columnist: Rachael Habergham, school governor

Rachael Habergham.
Rachael Habergham.
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There seems to be no end to Social Media and it seems most people have their favourites, unless you are in the ‘I don’t do social media camp’

From Facebook to Twitter via Snapchat with a short break enjoying photographs on Instagram there is a lot to offer. I have a mix of Facebook and Twitter, from a personal perspective I prefer Facebook but at work Twitter is more effective. I have a lot of friends who won’t use Facebook because they don’t like to share what they are doing, who they are with or how they are feeling and I understand that. Maybe it works for me because what you see is what you get, I am an open book and I am genuinely interested in people. Maybe there is an element of nosiness involved but mostly I see genuine care for people.

In recent months I have seen friends supported through social media at the most difficult of times and while it will never provide the same support as going and giving them a hug it adds a new dimension to the way we interact.

To see genuine messages of support as a friend from school faced the possibility that her daughter had cancer. She bravely shared the story from test results to major surgery, the positive news it wasn’t cancer and now the long road to recovery. When loom bands became the way to keep her occupied during long days in bed and her mum was trying to find ways to get hold of more, someone posted some to the hospital following a Facebook post.

To see young people doing everything to get a friend trending on twitter as a mark of respect as they grieved together was both sad and heart-warming.

For every positive I am sure people can share negative experiences and we see them in the media as a reminder that social media should be treated with respect. When I asked my Facebook friends to describe social media in one word the response was varied and included:







No matter what camp you are in social media generates discussion and will continue to grow. So keep liking, sharing, tweeting and using those hashtags.