Today’s Star columnist: Rachael Habergham

Rachael Habergham.
Rachael Habergham.
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October is drawing to a close and half term is almost upon us.

School holidays mean different things to so many of us. The majority of kids will be looking forward to time to relax, teenagers will be looking forward to extra lie-ins and some may already be packing for a holiday with family or friends.

While they may be the majority, for some, school holidays are a difficult time as the routine of school and seeing their friends every day disappears for a short while.

Teachers will be looking forward to a break, although it is probably fairer to say in most cases it will just be a different routine as the majority will have work to do, some will be taking groups of kids on school camps and some will be running sessions in school.

Parents and carers also have a range of thoughts, often linked to their personal circumstances. They might be thinking:

I can’t wait to spend some quality time with the kids!

How am I going to cope as I try and find additional childcare?

How I am going to stop them from being bored?

I can’t afford to do anything with them!

I will be in what I believe is a very lucky position this time as I have time off work and will get a few days away with the family.

With busy lives that is special time to enjoy the simple things in life, from relaxing in each other’s company, playing games, eating out and enjoying a part of the country we haven’t explored before.

How different from October half term as a child when it was always ‘potato picking week’ – a week to earn a bit of money and a guarantee you would be absolutely exhausted but it was great fun.

In some ways it’s sad that it is a tradition that has now gone, although I am not sure I would have much success getting my teenager out of bed to pick potatoes!

Whatever you choose to do next week enjoy the time, try some of the simple things that don’t cost anything and when your kids say they are bored remind them how lucky they are as they could be potato picking.