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Patrick Mileady
Patrick Mileady
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There is a resurgence of extremism in all its guises. We are witnessing and experiencing grown up men and women and mobs taking pleasure and pride in frightening little children and their vulnerable mothers, not only here on the streets of South Yorkshire but Britain wide. Hatred and Hate Crime is on the rise.

Recently we heard from South Yorkshire Police that racial abuse, racial harassment, racially aggravated incidents and crimes have been escalating. In London, innocent members of the Muslim community have been under attack. London Met Police reports a 65% increase in racial and religious targeted Hate Crime. In anothercity a pipe bomb was used to destroy a Polish family’s car; places of worship are smashed up, homes covered in signs telling British Citizens to F-off home to where they come from, signs scrawled on Chinese ethnic people’s homes saying ‘We 2 have rights, British Homes for British people”; excrement being thrown at a Romanian person; children being charged by a mob and called “Jew whores,”; disabled children being called “ mongs” and “spazzes” and told they have no right to be alive and with physical assault comes shouts of “dirty Arab,” “ paddy-wogs” “ faggotts” “ English trash” and “monkeys”.

Despite these atrocities we are seeing politicians acting to turn back essential civil rights, civil liberties and protections.

Locally, there is concern that there is a silent acceptance of this escalating violence, abuse and hatred against, in the main, minorities’- who are supposed to have protection under our equalities laws. Regardless of whether individuals, groups or institutions claim they are opposed to these abhorrent abuses, there is a deafening public silence from many quarters. Quarters that should intervene.

South Yorkshire and Britain has a fine history of defending and supporting the vulnerable and oppressed. Standing against Nazi Germany and others doing humanity ill. Now in 2014 the past is being played out again - this time on South Yorkshire streets. We need to remember, when we sit in our homes, in safety, while on our streets, outside our doors, extremist abusers are terrorising vulnerable children, young people and families.