Today’s Star columnist: Karishma Ravalia

Karishma Ravalia
Karishma Ravalia
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Apparently too much sleep could be bad for you.

Your mind might be a bit boggled at first. Surely you just wake up feeling more refreshed after a good night’s sleep?

But the feature I read this in did have some research behind it.

A professor at the University of Warwick looked at the sleep habits of a group of people over the past 10 years.

He found that participants who got more than eight hours sleep were 30 per cent more likely to have died than those who got between six and eight hours.

He also explored the option that participants could have health factors which contribute to the fact they sleep longer and the increased risk of mortality.

In which case you can understand why people need more sleep?

However, it’s still a weird concept how more sleep can affect you.

Let’s face it, there’s sometimes nothing better than coming from a long day to a nice, comfortable, cosy bed and getting a really good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed.

Have you ever done that thing where you wake up but fall back to sleep?

You can wake up again feeling a bit groggy and dazed, I know I do. So maybe there is an underlying point to this.

However, being a student, I know how much we love sleep and without a certain amount of sleep most of us can’t function properly.

Getting up for that 9am lecture can be a difficult task whether you’ve had enough sleep or not.

I’ve recently become a wake-up-early person, always being awake by eight o’clock while most other students are still fast asleep.

It definitely has it positives, feeling more awake, having more of a day to do things.

A good lie-in is definitely needed sometimes – in fact I look forward to my weekends but still somehow seem to be awake pretty early.

You just feel a bit more productive when you wake up a bit earlier and your body just gets used to the mornings.

But I still can’t get round the fact that having more than eight hours’ sleep could affect your body like that.

I’m not sure this is enough to convince me on the theory of ‘too much sleep is bad for you’, but it gets you thinking.