Today’s Star columnist: Karishma Ravalia

Karishma Ravalia
Karishma Ravalia
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As soon as a new year starts, it means one thing usually – new year’s resolutions. You’ll get to a new year and think ‘oh I need to change this or start doing this?’ So 20 days in, how are you doing?

Personally, I’m not a massive fan of the whole ‘new year, new me’ thing. I think a new year can be a great opportunity to start afresh and start things over – a new slate. But I don’t necessarily think that means you can change yourself. Let me rephrase that, I don’t think you need a new year to come to change yourself. If you want to you can do that whenever.

I’m not one to keep strict new year’s resolutions but there are a few things I want to achieve this year.

I have my own blog which I really got into over summer but since starting university again, I’ve lost touch with it. I love blogging, it’s just something I do for fun and I really want to try and keep it up over the next year, perhaps try and make something of it. I’ve never really seen blogging as anything other than a hobby but I realise it can open doors.

I guess the obvious would be to pass and graduate from university. Like so many other students, that thought scares me more than anything else this year but at the same time excites me. It’s inevitably going to happen so I might as well start preparing myself now. Well I hope it’s inevitably going to happen. I just want to come out with a decent result at the end.

After that will come a job or internship, I hope. It might be wishful thinking to hope I’ve got a job by the end of 2015. However, I do want to have some kind of career path. I’ve always seen myself working for a magazine but I know getting there isn’t going to be easy but I hope by December I’ll be somewhere closer to working out how to get that dream job.

They’re probably my three main ‘resolutions’ if you will for this year. They’re not really something I can monitor or count down but things that will happen when they’re meant to. But whatever yours is, whether it is something more traditional like lose weight or stop eating this or that, don’t stress about it.

Just enjoy it and enjoy the rest of the year. If you do have any resolutions…

Good luck!