Today’s Star columnist: Karishma Ravalia

Karishma Ravalia Karishma Ravalia is a journalism student at Hallam University.
Karishma Ravalia Karishma Ravalia is a journalism student at Hallam University.
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What is fame? A question that has made me wonder. There are so many different ways to define the word celebrity or fame.

Is a celebrity… someone’s who is good at something, who markets themselves well, who has an interesting life story? Everyone picks their own definition of the word.

To me, a famous person is someone who everyone knows the name of, whose life is splashed across the media. Harry Styles. His name is everywhere, you ask anyone and they will have heard of his name. His life is shown in magazines, newspapers and on TV. You can’t escape it and that’s the definition of a celebrity.

But what makes a person famous and how do you get there? There are no definitive answers but we can guess. Searching for ‘how to become famous’ on Google bought me to a WikiHow page. The first tip on that page was ‘Decide what you’ll be famous for.’

Is it going to be music like Beyoncé? Sports like Beckham? Politics like Obama?

For a ‘normal’ person the way into the industry is through reality TV. But people question whether they’re ‘real’ celebrities.

Reality TV and talent show create famous people but then it’s always a question of how long will they last.

Contestants go on these shows for their five minutes of fame but it’s a lot harder to stick it out in the world of celebrities.

What’s the secret to longevity? Is it having that crazy, fascinating life or is it simply having a talent?

Arguably Michael Jackson had both but it seems like he’s being remembered for his scandalous life over his music. You could also ask how long can you be famous after you’ve died. Of course people will remember your name but for how long.

Amy Winehouse; a massive hype was made over her death because of the problems she had with drugs and how she died.

But honestly how often does she come up in conversation now or how often do you find yourself listening to her music.

Having written this, I’ve begun to learn that fame is definitely a temporary thing. It can be taken from you as quickly as it’s given to you. If there is a way to stick it out, I’d love to know.