Today’s Star columnist, Danielle Hayden, 20 year old journalism student

Columnist Danielle Hayden
Columnist Danielle Hayden
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These days, many get the impression that young people are messy, idle sloths always out clubbing.

Just the other day I was walking by the top of The Moor in Sheffield and heard two OAPs talking about how “young ’uns are too bleedin’ lazy these days!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle, because as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes, yes, this is the case.

It was the case for me in my first year at university last year – cruising through without realising how lazy or skint I was. I had a shop job, working four hours a week, but it didn’t bring in enough for the big travel plans I had for this summer.

Then it hit me.

How long can I carry on like this? Did I really want to finish my degree and lingerround the job centre all day?

So I got my act together. Or rather, my five acts.

When I went back to university that autumn, I got a new job, and also got a job in a nightclub. One useful thing about bar work is that it doesn’t just pay money; it stops you from being out there spending it. Easy.

The next obstacle was that If I really wanted to be a journalist, I had to find a work placement to put me out there. And a great one came along – writing for a small community newspaper, so I took that.

But, then another opportunity presented itself – writing for an online Yorkshire newspaper. So I went for that one too.

And when I heard The Star was looking for contributors, I couldn’t resist that either.

So here I am; two jobs, three placements and somehow, I still have time for a life.

Is there something wrong with me? Probably.

“You’re doing too much.”

The wordshaunted me but were the only thing actually stressing me out.

The best way to deal with a hectic life is to keep smiling. It’s worked for me – especially when my jobs paid for me to travel Asia this summer.

Sometimes I feel greedy because there are many out job-hunting, and I seem to be hoarding them. But then I remember it’s a competitive world out there. What I’m trying to say is that we young ’uns aren’t so bad. Or at least each to their own.