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Anna Roberts
Anna Roberts
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I’m not usually one to moan about politics. I vote because it’s my right, but I do have one gripe. The roads, Nick, the roads!

Last summer I sent a tweet to Nick Clegg, somewhat tongue in cheek, stating my disgust at the condition of Sheffield’s roads.

Except I didn’t just complain about what the potholes might be doing to my car tyres, I tried to demonstrate how they affect me and therefore the rest of the UK. Let me explain.

I get the bus to work and then walk about a mile to the office. Firstly, the bus. Have you ever been on the top of a double-decker bus while it’s rocking side to side at 30mph and you’re desperately trying to read your emails on your mobile? It’s not possible. The potholes make the bus feel like some kind of fairground ride, and for someone who gets travel sick just by watching a moving camera on a film, this isn’t a good start to the day. So I hold on for dear life, leave my emails until I’m safely at my desk, and walk the last leg.

If it’s a rainy day this really isn’t a pleasant experience. As well as battling the rain with an umbrella to save my hair do, I have to occasionally point it at the road to block the spray from cars going through rain-filled potholes. I ended up making a game out of the situation to try and cheer myself up. I imagine I’m in a computer game and I have to get to the next street without being splashed by the pothole rain.

But if after this traumatic experience of a commute I arrive at the office feeling travel sick, soaking wet, and a loser in my own made-up computer game, I’m miserable. This results in me being unproductive. I know I’m only one person out of the millions in the UK, but just maybe my productivity will affect my employer’s performance, which in turn could affect the UK economy as a whole. And it’s all to do with potholes.

The tweet I sent last summer was the above shortened into 140 characters and I was pleasantly surprised when the Lib Dems replied. T

hey had just announced their plans to redo all of Sheffield’s roads and Nick Clegg had been a major part in this decision. That satisfied me for a short while but I haven’t seen any improvements. Have you?

How long will I have to endure my fairground bus ride and pothole splash-dodging game?