Today’s columnist, Suzy Pierce: We all should learn first aid

Teenagers trying out first aid skills.
Teenagers trying out first aid skills.
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I was really pleased to read the article in the Class Act section of the Star about first aid being introduced to schools.

I agree that it is an invaluable skill that can potentially save lives and I don’t understand why it has not been made available already.

I have only recently left sixth form and although I was given the opportunity to learn first aid as part of a sports leader course at school, for some reason the course ended up not being organised.

I would like to have done it as it’s a good skill to have on your CV when you are applying for jobs.

It is particularly helpful for people like me who have chosen not to go to university.

So I am glad it is finally becoming more available in schools.

However I am disappointed to learn that it is only open to health and social students as I believe it should be an option for everyone in school.

This is because nowadays there are significantly more ‘latchkey children’ who are left alone or look after younger siblings while their parents work.

Therefore it would make sense if children were taught what they should do in the event of an accident.

I understand that first aid cannot be taught as a compulsory subject due to the liabilities.

However, I think perhaps basic skills should be taught at all schools so that children know how to deal with small incidents such as scrapes and cuts.

There won’t always be an adult around to help when something happens.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

* Suzy Pierce, Conference Co-ordinator and Receptionist