Today’s columnist, Ron Clayton: So long, I’ll see you around

Ron Clayton
Ron Clayton
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I am trying to get my life back after eight months trying to do what I can for a relative with health issues.

I suppose I should say family member – you remember the term family?

It’s what the politicians, especially the Conservatives, used to emphasise or describe as the essential unit of society.

But like society, it’s gone out of fashion or has been reinvented or redefined.

Its like the Labour Party singing Jerusalem, or like God – we don’t do that any more either.

Perhaps the biggest ‘buzz word’ is community.That ain’t what is was either – especially where I grew up as a kid.

Now I have had a pretty cosseted life – too cosseted in fact, but as you get older and things start to fail or fall apart – as they are doing across the board and not just in respect of your body – you experience the workings/machinations of the sharp edge or the interface (another buzz word).

I can’t fault the care or treatment in this case – far from it.

I won’t say a critical word about the individuals involved, especially the one who comforts a total stranger when you break down in front of them.

However, you become aware of a plethora of individuals, often in twos, whose role isn’t always clear – charities, agencies, panic- stricken phone calls on Friday afternoons, individuals who don’t give their names or whose English ain’t good, duplicated items, beds without bedding, phone messages that go unanswered.

I know it’s a lot to do with workloads and pay and resources etc .

But then it gives rise to the thought that communication and coordination are somehow lacking and begs the question: “Who cares for the carer or takes them or their views into consideration?”

This is my last piece for The Star, the fact is I’ve other projects to get on with – some long neglected and I’m sick of being called upon to fill up the breach too often.

Did some useful work on the Sheffield Blitz with the University of Sheffield and on Sheffield itself with Sheffield Hallam Students recently – which has its own reward.

A final thought – will the supposedly large number of Independent candidates standing for council next year have any effect regarding the concerns that are springing up about issues across the city?

Will we see any change in the city of Sheffield’s attitude to its heritage?

As for me, well thanks to those folks who have appreciated my observations, been critical or even commented on them – even if they didn’t always understand them.

For the Star/Telegraph is a forum for Sheffielders – even grumpy old reactionaries like me and that’s a vital nay priceless function

See you around.