Today’s columnist Dylan Ralph: Stop city being left behind

The Moor, Sheffield
The Moor, Sheffield
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The historic city of Sheffield is famous for steel, knives and forks, seven hills and two football teams.

But I reckon Sheffield is starting to go down the rankings as a city.

Everywhere you look there are unfinished buildings and derelict land.

If one is finished, then the building next to it isn’t.

You get off the train, walk out of the station and you see straight away this beautifully landscaped water feature, modern buildings and the Gold Route that points you into the city centre and its many delights.

But then right next to it…oh wait – an empty and derelict piece of land.

Not every city is like this.

Just up the M1 is the city of Leeds. Yes we all hate Leeds. A city that Sheffield has always tried to compete with. Whether that’s the bands we both produce, the football teams or celebrities that come out of the cities – you decide who’s winning.

But Leeds is a city that has come a long way.

Leeds is known for having a lot of money and they have spent wisely in making it a thoroughly modern northern city.

But what Sheffield lacks in investment, it gains in character.

Leeds is basically ‘chavs’ with money.

Sheffield is known as a dirty picture in a golden frame.

The city is a bit lacklustre but the moors and peaks surrounding it are spectacular.

Meadowhall is also a fantastic space – though legend has it that it was built the way it is so that if it didn’t make enough money they could have made it into a prison.

Some might say it would have been better as a prison because it’s criminal what it’s done to Sheffield city centre.

Nothing happens in the city any more.

The Moor shopping area is horrible.

Though a small shopping mall is currently being built all that ever springs to mind when walking through there is that it’s a bit cheap and tacky.

According to some of the blokes that come in the pub where I work in town a lot who live in the city’s suburbs like Crookes, Totley and Walkley never go into Sheffield.

They’ll go to Meadowhall or even as far as Manchester to go shopping or for a day out and that can’t be right.

As an adopted Sheffielder I don’t want to be slating the city because I love it, but it’s being left behind by its neighbours.

And it’s about time we did something about it.

* Dylan Ralph, journalism student