Today’s children do not know what they’re missing

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Jo Davison (Star July 30) seemed to find it all rather stressful back in the days when the family sat around the table at mealtime and advocates a more relaxed environment where teatime is a “casual coffee table affair”.

She says when her mother left home “after years of having to sit and make conversation, we could ignore each other and gawp at Crossroads”.

Making conversation shouldn’t be regarded as a chore. I look back with cherished memories at the times I sat round the table with my parents enjoying many interesting conversations. Those times, which are sadly missing from many households today, gave children a sense of stability, they learnt good manners and the art of communication.

There are too many homes where familes never eat their meals together and where children sit like zombies whilst glued to TV screens, or sitting isolated in their bedrooms staring at their computers or texting. No wonder so many leave school lacking the basic skills of communication which hinders their chances of employment and will also affect their relationships.

Our lives seem to be ruled by technology with little time allocated to the important things like enjoying mealtimes together and engaging in face to face conversation. Today’s children sadly don’t know what they’re missing.

Susan Richardson

Lodge Moor, Sheffield,