Tiny eggs by the dozen - and we’re not yolking

Norman Rowett and his chicken egg which weighs 3 quarters of an ounce
Norman Rowett and his chicken egg which weighs 3 quarters of an ounce
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THERE’S something egg-straordinary going on in Sheffield.

Tiny eggs are being hatched by the city’s chickens.

A retired farmer who has been keeping the birds all his life couldn’t believe his eyes when one of his chooks laid a miniature egg.

Norman Rowett, aged 80, from Stubbin House Farm, Worrall, said the little specimen doesn’t even weigh a whole ounce.

He said: “I’ve kept it just to show it off.

“It weighs three quarters of an ounce but I couldn’t say how long it is because it’s hard to bend the measure around it.”

Norman contacted The Star after reading about another mini egg.

That specimen was laid by a chicken belonging to Alan Grimmer at his allotment in Hillsborough.

We were also contacted by mum-of-two, Angela Woodmancy, from Greenhill who had a cracking tale of her own. Angela told us her hen Cheep Cheep, had also laid a wee egg.

And her egg is so tiny that it doesn’t even fill an egg cup.

Angela said: “I keep it to show people because it makes them laugh.

“It’s been all over the place and everyone who sees it cracks up.

“I suppose I could have eaten it but there’s no way I could get a spoon in it.

“You’d need dozens of eggs that size to make a decent omelette.”

Angela added: “I have four hens and the one that laid it is so ugly we call her the Ugly Duckling.

“Perhaps this is her way of getting back at us.”

Back in Worrall, Norman is still struggling to find a reason for Sheffield’s amazing mini egg phenomenon.

“Perhaps it’s something in the water,” he said.