Times they are a changin’ Labour city councillors

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Congratulations to Monica for her honest views of the city in Retro on April 27.

At first I thought the headline: “It may be harsh, but Sheffield is a dump” was harsh, but reading further, Monica praises the city for its cultural infrastructure, two superb theatres, the Lyceum and the Crucible.

The Millennium Galleries are The Tate Modern of Sheffield, in my opinion, Derbyshire countryside is eerie and spellbinding.

What is it about Sheffield City Council and its apparent refusal to accept the modern world?

Well, I’d go one stop further in my criticism and lay the blame squarely at the feet of largely Labour councillors.

It is they who have dragged their leader feet over the Sevenstone proposals.

It is they who have put forward ridiculous objectives to the proposed Ikea retail complex.

I am reminded of the words of Bob Dylan and his original protest song.

Come gather round Councillors but please heed, the call.

Don’t block up the hallways, don’t block up the hall

You’d better get out, if you can’t lend a hand – cause the times they are a changing.

Steve Davis

West View Lane, Sheffield, S17