Time we thought about own people

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So the Duffers Of Downing Street have told Rotherham Hospital that they must save £50 million pounds, thus causing the loss of 700 jobs plus a loss of beds for the patients.Sheffield council have also been instructed to save £50 million, again losing jobs and services.

The Duffers in power give £208m to India every year. Why? They fought for independence which they received, yet we are still subsidising them.

That £208m would see Rotherham Hospital operating as usual and we in Sheffield wouldn’t have to lose any jobs or services.

In all this Government gives away round about £8 billion per year in foreign aid.

What about our young people who are out of work? What about the sick and infirm? What about our nursing homes? What about our pensioners?

Why should establishments like Bluebell Wood, McMillan Nurses have to rely on the public’s sense of generosity?

The air ambulance is threatened as is the police helicopter. Stopping all this aid going abroad will put us all in easy street.

Also, why are migrant workers allowed to claim family allowance for children that supposedly live in their home country?

This money is doled out yet we are being hung out to dry.

I would be interested in how these migrant workers prove that they do actually have children, bearing in mind just how easy it is for them to get forged papers.

Enough is enough, it’s time we thought about ourselves not people who are forever knocking on our doors with an ever-increasing begging bowl.

Vin Malone, S14