Time to tackle drink culture

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STATISTICALLY, the situation is improving. But socially, it is still hopelessly unacceptable for so many drunken louts to be arrested on our streets.

The Star asked, through the Freedom of Information Act, how many arrests there had been for drunk and disorderly conduct over the last three years and we were astounded to learn that there had been more than 10,000 such cases in the last three years.

It is true that the figures have been steadily falling but last year still saw 1,241 cases in Sheffield, 399 in Rotherham, 702 in Barnsley and 610 in Doncaster, adding up to a shameful total of 2,952 over a 12 month period.

But it is not all gloomy. There are measures being taken across the county and particularly in Sheffield, which are seeing a change in the consequences of excessive drinking.

However, this is treating the symptom. We must get to the source of our booze culture and bring about a change of attitude, for everyone’s benefit.

And that is where the individual has to take responsibility for his or her own actions. Excessive drinking is not a harmless action, it has dire personal and social consequences and needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Water wheel plan a powerful ploy

HOW to generate the power we need is a debate which is sure to divide.

For every way of creating electricity, there’s an opponent. So it’s no surprise to learn of objections to plans to reinstate a water wheel to generate electricity on the River Don in Sheffield.

The sticking points are noise, property values and the welfare of fish.

And while we understand residents having concerns, we suggest this is a plan worth considering.

After all, water wheels played a key part in creating Sheffield’s reputation as an industrial giant.

And when it comes to visual appeal, a water wheel is surely preferable to a wind turbine or generating station.

So let us give this scheme a chance to take us back to the future.

Marketing our city

A TOUCH of the far east is to give the city centre a new lease of night time life. The centre is famous for its vibrant pub and club scene but there is a view that there is not enough to bring families into the heart of Sheffield after nightfall. All that could change with a series of night markets, which will run until 9pm in Barkers Pool. We look forward to this becoming a well-established addition to Sheffield’s night scene.