Time to reveal long-term plan

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NOBODY can deny that Labour politicians face a tough challenge ruling Sheffield City Council. They have seized power from the Lib Dems at one of the most testing moments in the city council’s history.

Massive cuts have been imposed on the council this year and even more is to be trimmed from its budget in 2012.

And, so far, it’s clear that the party appears to have handled the transition smoothly and without any major upsets. In fact, some may feel things have gone too quiet at the town hall but Labour insist they are taking a long-term approach to the needs of Sheffield and want to pursue a coherent policy rather than one of slash and burn.

And it is good to hear council leader Julie Dore concede that previous Labour councils relied too heavily on professional views within the town hall rather than seek the opinions of the people in Sheffield communities who would be directly affected by their decisions.

The city will wait to see if that attitude is turned into practice once the party unveils its long-term policies. And, surely, after 130 days, the moment should be near when such a revelation is made.

Support campaign on vaccinations

WE hope that officials listen carefully to Sheffield mum Carol Bally, who is campaigning for a better vaccination programme against the potentially deadly strain of meningitis which struck her baby son, leaving him struggling for breath at just four months old.

Luckily the disease was caught early allowing Daniel to make a good recovery but his mum says the experience has alerted her to the need for a comprehensive childhood vaccination programme.

In the past, the question of vaccination has been obscured by ill-founded health scares. But we firmly believe that the benefits are too precious to be ignored and that Carol’s campaign deserves all the support you can give.

Good idea lessons

CONGRATULATIONS to Sheffield University after it was awarded the Enterprise Champions accolade for its Graduate Entrepreneurship Project.

The scheme creates a network of higher education institutions in our region to support student and graduate high-fliers and help them bring their bright ideas to reality.

It is great to see an organisation as influential as the university playing its part in developing new ideas, particularly as Sheffield has such a proud tradition of developing new ideas.