Time to plan christmas?

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Can it really be only 100 days until Christmas?

For the organised among us the date will no doubt cause a little smirk.

For they have already done their Christmas shopping and most probably have also wrapped the presents and written all their cards.

For those with a laissez-faire attitude to festive shopping the number of days left will also be welcomed with little more than a shrug.

One hundred days? That’s plenty of time!

So why mention it?

Well, there have been some horrific stories taking place in our local area and beyond this year so looking ahead to Christmas at least gives some glimmer of hope of a better time.

The festive period can be one of the best times of year as family and friends come together.

It also can be one of the loneliest and reminds us of people missing from our lives or our problems.

With 100 days to go there is plenty of time to plan something special.

We all know someone who would benefit from an extra bit of attention this year so why not make the effort.

Life can be tough for the most vulnerable in our society.

Let’s all do our bit this Christmas.