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On the day The Star pictured diggers performing the last rites at Sheffield City Airport, Howard Greaves (letters September 10) continued his forlorn defence of SCA with the words: “The length of the runway at Sheffield City Airport is irrelevant...”

Well, it is now!

Enough of the dead, Howard’s positive response is commendable, providing we agree terms. I wrote that, with the M18 link to Doncaster-Sheffield Airport (DSA), the journey “from central Sheffield will take around 25 minutes”.

Howard responded: “it may just be possible at 3am, driving a Ferrari, but most certainly not during the working day”.

I will be happy to prove him wrong, given the following:

1) Win or lose, I will pay £100 to his chosen charity.

2) A Town Hall start is unreasonable; it should be Park Square island, the focus of routes in central Sheffield.

3) Use my car and include The Star’s Martin Smith as sole witness.

4) Starting time, 11am, midweek.

5) The link-road drive-time from M18 J3 to DSA to be taken as six minutes (several respected sources estimate less). Add this to the actual time from Park Square to M18, J3 for the total journey-time.

6) Subject to problems, either party may request a re-run. Howard’s remaining condition is unconnected to the projected drive-time to DSA and not acceptable.

After the challenge, without strings, if Howard wishes to accompany me, for comparison, I would be pleased to establish the drive-time from Park Square to East Midlands Airport and suitably adjusted downwards for the “permanent” M1 roadworks on route!

My chauffeur’s livery is pressed and ready!

Stuart Green

by email