Thugs attacked Joe as he lay dying

Joe Walker
Joe Walker
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A pack of 12 teenagers – girls as well as boys – kicked and stamped on fatally stabbed Joe Walker as he lay dying on the ground, jurors in Sheffield were told yesterday.

Youths took run-ups before kicking, stamping and jumping on 23-year-old Joe after he was knifed, his murder trial heard. Joe died from internal bleeding, after suffering a severed artery.

The 17-year-old boy accused of Joe’s murder told the jury at Sheffield Crown Court: “People were kicking and jumping on him, about 12 of them.

“Some girls, some boys.”

Asked if he took part, he said: “No, there was no point in me going over, there was already enough that was happening to him.

“People running and kicking and jumping on him.”

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was asked if Joe was resisting.

“Not that I could see,” he replied.

The teen said prior to the group attack, Joe had punched him twice in the face after a row broke out at a party in Waltheof Road, Manor, last September 21.

He said: “I felt a sharp pain and saw a white flash. I had been hit. I got another one straight after.”

The youth said he fell back against some railings.

“I put my arm across my face and someone pulled my right arm and put something in it,” he claimed.

Asked what happened next, he said: “I just swung out with it.”

The teenager denies murdering Joe or intending to cause him serious harm - and instead claims another youth put a knife into his hand during the fight.

“I was concentrating on trying to get away from him. I thought I was going to get knocked out,” he said.

Asked why he lashed out, the youth said: “I was scared, I just wanted it to stop.”

He said after the attack on Joe he went to Manor Fields with some friends, drank beer, and then went to see his girlfriend in Gleadless.

The next day he heard police were looking for him in connection with the murder of Joe, from Intake.

The teenager said that, two days after the killing, he handed himself in at Moss Way police station, where he declined to answer questions but handed in a prepared statement.

He said he failed to mention then the knife being handed to him during the fight because he didn’t want to get anyone else involved.

The defendant told the jury he thought Joe had been stabbed after he had left the scene.

The trial continues.