Thug bragged he had given doorman ‘right booting’

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TWO men who attacked a doorman when they were refused entry to a Doncaster lap dancing club have been jailed.

When police arrested the pair they discovered one of them had sent a sickening text to his mate saying ‘Ha ha, I gave him a right booting in the face’, Doncaster Crown Court heard.

Andrew Chisholm, aged 38, of Poplar Road, Skellow, who launched the kick to the doorman’s head, was jailed for 12 months. His friend, 23-year-old Glen Stewart Robinson, of Croasdale Gardens, Carcroft, was sentenced to 10 months. They both pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm to Gregory Duggan, doorman at the Players club in Cleveland Street, Doncaster, last July.

Prosecutor Beverley Tait said the incident started when Robinson wanted to get into Players without paying the admission charge and then ‘launched himself forward and head-butted Mr Duggan to the left temple when he was totally off guard’.

Robinson was restrained and pinned to the ground by the doorman but Chisholm took advantage of his position to kick him in the head from behind, connecting with his ear.

Because of his facial injuries - a swollen ear and bruised cheekbone - Mr Duggan had to take two weeks off work and lost wages for that period.

After the defendants were arrested, police found the gloating text message sent by Chisholm to Robinson’s phone.

Robinson’s record showed a previous suspended sentence for affray and a separate assault conviction.

Michael Cane-Soothill, defending, said Robinson did not have a very good recollection of what happened because he had drunk a lot of alcohol.

“He has a problem with alcohol because he knows he over-reacted that night. He has also stopped taking cannabis on a social basis.”

Mr Cane-Soothill said Chisholm thought his friend was being assaulted by the club doormen and acted impulsively.

“He too had had a drink and that disinhibited him because this is out of character. He is ashamed of what happened and what was in the text message.”

The judge, Recorder Richard Woolfall, told the defendants: “I accept neither of you were intent on violence when you went out that night. You, Chisholm, should have kept out of it and the text you sent shows how you felt about it. Both of you must serve a custodial sentence.”