Thrown on the NHS scrapheap

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I don’t know if people are aware what Sheffield’s biggest employer has just done to some of its longest serving members of staff, but I am so angry, I feel they ought to.

Recently, the Government announced that you could work as long as you like (ie past your 65th birthday).

Not however if you were an employee of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Just before that announcement was made, all the staff over 65 were issued with a letter telling them they would be forced to retire and leave the Trust before September 1.

In one directorate alone, that meant the loss of seven long serving nurses, support workers and admin staff.

The years of experience that we have now lost is unmeasureable and this is not being replaced, leaving departments even more short-staffed.

None of these staff wanted to retire. Does the Trust even realise (or care) what this has done to their self-esteem and how they are all feeling now.

No support mechanism has been put in place for them and they did try to fight this but to no avail. My friend who has been forced to leave says they feel like they have been thrown on the scrapheap.

They have only been gone a few weeks and are already finding it hard to be without something they have been dedicated to for many years.

They have worked for the Trust for most of their lives and had it thrown back in their faces!

Just the sort of caring Trust this city needs, eh?

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Bomber offered great advice

reading of Bomber’s disappointment of failing to become a world champion reminded me of many years ago when my eldest son, who is now 26, once met Bomber.

Bomber was out jogging in Rivelin Valley, and he stopped to talk to my son and other kids.

My son told me and I asked him what he had said to them.

I remember Bomber said to them: “Always respect your parents, stay out of trouble and work hard in your life.”

And I thought what great advice for young kids.

So Bomber – remember there are bigger things in life than being at the top, and what you said to these kids puts you way above any championship.

Garry Smith, Walkley