Three angels who made me happy

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I WOULD like to tell you of the three angels who have made me happy during a week of misadventures.

First there was the day I paid a visit to my son in care at Darfield.

I had been silly enough to leave my purse at home containing my cash and house key. When I admitted this to my angel driver, he was called Mohammed, so was obviously a Muslim, he solved the question by hanging around the Care Home for nearly three hours, bringing me back and getting me into the house, otherwise I would have been in a real pickle.

The other event concerned my helper driver from the RNIB who started by using four buckets of hot water and disinfectant on a brush to clear vomit left by late night revellers. Maybe you can guess who they were?

Then upon getting home I found my lock had given up the ghost.

Whilst I sat in his nice warm car, he got on his mobile and arranged for a locksmith to come out immediately and then when we could go in, remained with me until the job was finished, saw to all the paperwork and even filled in and posted a questionnaire left by British Gas.

My third angel was my youngest sister, who in spite of waiting for a long-delayed operation for breast cancer, came on the bus all the way from Tankersley bringing me washed bedding and a lovely selection of food.

We laughed a lot about our days with the family, she is 22 years younger than me.

So my third angel left me with much hope and happiness and I wish her joy too in her forthcoming ordeal.

I suppose I should nominate you too for an award for letting me air my thoughts.

Vera Percy, Hoole Road, S10