Thousands must be due a compensation pay cheque

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SEEING as we now live in the age of compensation, I have a question for the hundreds, if not thousands of people caught up in the traffic chaos last week in Sheffield.

I have picked up a copy of The Star every day since umpteen cars burst their tyres on the Parkway, hoping someone would have taken a lead on this, but alas it must be me.

How on earth do road maintenance men manage to leave loose a grate that ‘s sharp enough to effectively become a stinger to so many morning commuters? Is the council now employing labour so cheap that they have no idea what they’re doing?

I honestly believe we’re lucky to be sitting here today not talking about multiple fatalities on what must be one of THE busiest roads into any city in the UK. Thankfull we’re not discussing fatalitites, but surely we should be getting answers as to who was responsible for such a monumental cock-up?

And what’s more, I don’t believe it is only those who had their tyres shredded by the apparent incompetence of a work experience highways engineer. My relatively simple journey, normally taking me around 45 minutes turned into a living nightmare of a commute taking me in excess of three hours.

Which led me to think that I’m not the only one: meetings will have been missed, deals will have been broken, deadlines will not have been met, materials will not have got to site...God forbid, patients may not have got to hospital in time to save their stricken lives – blood may not have got to its transfusion recipient, etc, etc. The list simply goes on and on, and yet nobody seems willing to give the thousands of people who lost hours of their lives anything even resembling any kind of explanation.

I honestly believe somebody messed up and that somebody should apologise and compensate those who lost out.

Jim Smith