Thoughts on Victoria statue

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Vin Malone (this could be the start of a beautiful friendship, as they say in Casablanca) writes (Aug 29) about Victoria Regina occupying Fargate.

Well nothing has ever replaced the fountain in this spot since the removal of the Goodwin Fountain.

Following the outcry about about what was described as a totem pole or pile of threepenny bits, ie the rejected piece of proposed sculpture for the top of Fargate, the council decided this was either too sensitive or too useful a spot to have something permanent.

Are we suggesting public art to reflect imperialistic royalty in central Sheffield?

Is that why we renamed Havelock Square? Well if Victoria was there she could keep an eye on her errant son in Fitzalan Square and there was a John Brown in Sheffield, even if he looked nothing like Billy Connolly.

Ron Clayton, S6