Thomaaaas, the world has gone absolutely PC mad

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Another balmy subject has been brought up by the PC brigade. Tom and Jerry cartoons are now going to be played with a disclaimer, informing us that the cartoon may feature racially offending material.

It turns out it is the regular appearance of the rather chunky, slipper-clad legs and the loud, African-American accent that they mean.

Apparently, it is depicting a rather downtrodden maid or slave.

First of all, having regularly watched these cartoons when I was young and sometimes now, even though I am 27, I fail to see how these PC people have come up with such a stupid, ignorant view.

Surely anyone who has watched Tom and Jerry has failed to even notice what circumstances the woman in the show is in.

She is so busy shouting at Tom and creates such a hierarchy over him that for all we know, she might be the lady of the house.

The real problem with the argument is the woman’s colour. If she had been white, then there would have been no problem.

It was like the recent problem on the X78 bus, when a couple were singing the Peppa Pig theme to their child and were accused of being racist by a young Muslim lady.

Surely the only person who is being racist is the Muslim lady.

She should realise that we live in a multi-faith society.

I am a Christian and I don’t agree with Halal and Kosher meat, for the way the animals are slaughtered.

I do not agree with the niqab face covering that some Muslim women wear. I consider it very offensive, but I would not shout and cause a scene in the street or on public transport if I saw a woman wearing one.

People need to get a grip on reality and then there will be a more equal society.

Matthew Hobson

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