This policy is raping business

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I RECENTLY learned that since April the council is charging full business rates, even on vacant retail units.

How can this be justified on an empty property? It is not viable, with no income, to pay full business rates on top of mortgage payments etc.

My unit/s could be vacant for another year or more. I am self-employed and this would put a major strain on my small business. I am sure this is the case with the majority of landlords, adding yet more statistics to the growing benefits list. How does this make sense?

Policies like these are killing businesses. This is echoed up and down the country, hence why there are so many empty units. It’s raping local communities.

This is just another tactic to steal money from hard working people in order to get this country out of the mess governments/banks have got us into.

Olivia Stuart-Harris, Proprietor, Place Properties