This country needs a leader like Churchill

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What this country needs is a leader in the mould of the late Winston Churchill, instead of a ditherer like David Cameron, all talk and no action.

One true story about Churchill, maybe not so well-known today, was at the start of World War Two, when the French had just built two new super-battleships, Churchill realised that, with the French surrender, if the Germans got hold of the ships they could do immense harm to our own fleet.

He found out that the two powerful cruisers were at harbour in Oran, in the Mediterranean, and sent our fleet there, ordering the two French ships to come out of harbour and surrender or be sunk.

The two battleships stayed in harbour and Churchill ordered our fleet to open fire, which they did, killing 1,300 French sailors - this at a time when the French were our allies in wartime.

Ron Humberstone